Photography is one of the best ways to get out and reduce your cortisol levels. In today’s busy world finding time to do something for yourself can be difficult. What we know from the research about mindfulness is that it more important than ever to give ourselves time to be in the moment. Taking photographs is a great way to remind yourself to about those precious moments.

The benefits of outdoor activity for good mental health are well documented. The Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne offer a great venue for photographing a variety of subjects whether students are interested in flora or fauna, people or landscapes.

When students are engaged in the process of photography whether they are photographing a flower or a landscape, humans or other,  they are engaged with the world in a way that is truely artistic.  To really consider what you are photographing before taking the shot puts greater value in the outcome.  

Come and join us and enjoy the beauty of The Royal Botanic Gardens.  We meet at Gate A on the corner of Anderson street and Alexandra Avenue, South Yarra.  Sign up and find out the times of the sessions